Fist Assist FA-1 Renal Device For Europe and Canada

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  • NON-INVASIVE VEIN COMPRESSION: Fist Assist Model FA-1 is a unique, non-invasive device which uses a pneumatic balloon for intermittent vein compression and dilation; It improves vein dilation and enhancement to prepare for AV fistula placement and successful AV fistula maintenance
  • INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Dilating, or enlarging veins prior to fistula surgery ensures best results with dialysis; Maximize your results with our convenient to use intermittent vein compression device without the annoying manual repetition of traditional methods
  • WEARABLE DESIGN: Simple to apply and easy to monitor, Fist Assist is specifically designed to wear on a regular basis to improve renal care and assists in vein enlargement; just wrap the device loosely around your upper arm and press the “Start” button
  • AT HOME CARE: Included in the package is the Fist Assist FA-1 Compression Device with attachment strap, and a squeeze ball for hand exercises while encouraging vein dilation
  • EMPOWERING PATIENTS: At Fist Assist, we understand that vein preservation and dilation is important, and we believe in inspiring patients all around the world to take care into their own hands by bringing cost-effective, convenient solutions to the market for your renal failure journey